We are building Graneet for the builders, the SMEs that build and renovate our cities. And in spite of the very important work they do, these SMEs operate with very thin margins and often struggle financially : they have to provide work and pay for materials upfront, face fierce competition and get paid late, sometimes even to the extent they go bankrupt. Graneet helps them to make sense of their finances and boost their margins by providing them visibility and transparency over their business, in real time.

If we needed to choose the top 10 reasons to join Graneet right now amongst many other ones, here they are :

  1. A very talented team that is both ambitious and caring. We care deeply about the 2 most important things that there is for Graneet : our clients and our team ! We are convinced we can grow very fast while ensuring everybody is happy at work, with challenging and fulfilling missions.

  2. We have a strong culture that is made of 5 pillars : candor, curiosity, dynamism, rigor and transparency. Theses values transpire in our daily processes and we are constantly pushing each other to become better following these principles.

  3. We are initiative-takers : we understand that we need to take risks to move fast and this means making many experiments, that will end up in some cases as failures. We crave for feedback internally and organize retros on those experiments

  4. The Construction Tech trend is very hot 🔥
    Financial management software for the 🏗 construction industry 🏗 is a big market (3bn€ in Europe) and companies are ripe to adopt new digital solutions to help them become more efficient !

  5. We are growing fast and have laid out the first layers for Graneet to become a big success, but this is only the beginning and 98% of the journey is still to be built.

  6. We have just raised a 2,4m€ Seed Round with top-notch investors (Point Nine Capital & Foundamental) in order to build our core team from 10 to 25 people to get to the next stage. This is a key moment for the company, and probably the best moment to join us especially if you have an entrepreneurial mindset. You will experience first-hand how we build a startup from the ground up.

  7. We are a product-led company : we spend a lot of time doing user research to ensure that everything we build is carefully crafted to delight our clients.

  8. We care deeply about creating a diverse group of people with different backgrounds that share the same goal : improve the life of Construction SMEs by helping them sign more projects, save time in tedious yet mandatory processes and giving them access to a real-time view on the health of their business.

  9. Everybody in the Graneet team owns a piece of the company through Stock Options (BSPCE as they are called in France) ! The company is not only the founders' company but it belongs to all the people who contribute to its success.

  10. We have amazing offices (like, really !) in the center of Paris : lots of light, good vibes and a small terrace to enjoy the not-so-few sunny days in Paris ☀️☀️☀️

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